With Roger Hill Fundraising                  Without Roger Hill Fundraising

DISCOVERY                  $60 per month                                      $60 per month

BRONZE                        $65 per month                                      $65 per month 

SILVER                          $70 per month                                      $95 per month

GOLD                            $85 per month                                       $110 per month

PLATINUM*                   $115 per month                                    $140 per month

HIGH SCHOOL PREP     $70 per month                                      $70 per month

SENIOR 6*                     $125 per month                                     $150 per month

PRE-NATIONAL*           $140 per month                                     $165 per month

NATIONAL*                   $160 per month                                     $185 per month


*The fees for these groups include a $10 per month charge for strength and conditioning at The Underground Lab.


Fees are charged each month throughout the year, including when we are on Aquabreak for two weeks.  Aquabreak typically occurs at the conclusion of each season (March and August).


We encourage members to pay their fees thru direct payment via credit card or ACH bank transfer.  It’s free and convenient!  You can sign up for this service through your account on the team’s website. If you have questions on how to set this up please contact our business manager at


LATE FEE:  All balances are due in full by the 20th of the month for the previous month’s invoice.  There will be a late fee of $20 applied to all accounts that are not paid in full.


FUNDRAISING/VOLUNTEERING: Please refer to the Team Handbook for fundraising information and volunteer details.


SEMI-ANNUAL DUESSemi-annual dues of $25 per swimmer are billed in September and March.  If you join after the semi-annual billing date, you will be charged a prorated amount for the remaining months.  There are no refunds should a swimmer leave during the period.


ANNUAL USA SWIMMING FEE: The Lawrence Aquahawks Swim Club is a member of USA Swimming, which requires all swimmers to register and pay a $65 annual fee.  This fee will be charged to your September 1st invoice and is due no later than September 20th.  If you start after September 1st, it is due within two weeks of joining the team.


SWIM MEET FEE:  Below are approximate fees charged for participating in swim meets within the Missouri Valley Swimming conference.  Specific meet information will be listed under the meet title on the Aquahawks’ home page.  If you have questions please ask a coach, board member or our business manager.

$4.50 per event

$1.75 per relay

$5 fee per swimmer for meets held in Lawrence                                                                               

$10 fee per swimmer for meets held outside Lawrence