Group Descriptions

All swimmers need a swim suit and goggles to participate.

Mini Hawks: For young swimmers with little experience in the water. While there are no set requirements for registration, we do recommend swimmers have completed Level 3 of our Group Swim Lessons Program or an equivalent. Swimmers in this group will be introduced to all four strokes in a small group setting. Swimmers will learn skills that range from how to kick and breathe properly, all the way through full stroke swimming. Instruction takes places in small groups with instructors in the water at all times. There are two primary focus points for this group, teaching basic skills that swimmers will need as they progress through the program, and enrich the swimmers love for the water.

Bronze: An introduction to competitive swimming for novice swimmers. Swimmers must complete one length of the pool (25 yards) using Freestyle and one length of the pool using another stroke (Backstroke, Breaststroke, or Butterfly). Swimmers will be taught all four competitive strokes as well as starts, turns, and finishes. The emphasis is put on learning and mastering the fundamentals of swimming. Most swimmers in the group have never been a part of a competitive team before which is why the emphasis is put on proper technique.

Silver: A continuation of Bronze, emphasis in practices is still on the fundamentals of stroke technique, starts, and turns. A more traditional practice structure will be introduced including sets and intervals. Swimmers must be able to complete two lengths of the pool (50 yards) of each stroke (Butterly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle).

Gold: While continuing to focus on fundamentals, Gold also increases the amount of swimming done during each practice. Swimmers will also learn different levels of intensity and effort. Swimmers are expected to maintain proper stroke technique during more challenging workouts. Swimmers must be able to complete four lengths of the pool (100 yards) of each stroke (Butterly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle).

Senior 2: Basic understanding of “training” vs. “practice” is introduced. More emphasis is placed on training while teaching kids how to maintain proper technique in all facets of swimming. Swimmers will be expected to hit certain target heart rates during all sets. Swimmers will also learn how their training impacts their results at meets. Swimmers must have participated in a similar group on another team to be eligible for this group.

Senior 1: Senior 1 is reserved for the most committed swimmers in the Lawrence Aquahawks program. Swimmers in this training group practice daily and its members REGULARLY COMPETE at the highest level meets. Swimmers must have participated in a similar group on another team to be eligible for this group.

We take a technique first approach to swim practices. While achieving efficient swim strokes, we develop the swimmers aerobic and speed capacity. Swimmers are placed into swim practice groups based on skill / ability then age. Each practice group is designed to achieve the individual swimmer’s goals while targeting the same end of season championship meet. Our motto is Work Hard, Have Fun!

Our swim coaches are USA Swimming certified and American Swim Coaches Association members. They are always looking to learn from the latest techniques and technology while continued being-grounded in our core program. Each coach strives to create a fun yet challenging environment for our swimmers… and, we not only hold each coach accountable to results, but also the swimmers to give effort at every practice.

The Aquahawks train swimmers to be able to race. At the center is training a swimmer’s legs and aerobic system to sustain throughout the race. Each practice includes warm-up, a hard kick set, and one to two main sets – depending on the group and time in the training cycle. Approximately every three weeks, we run a test set with each group to understand what progress each swimmer is making towards their goals – either kicking or swimming. Drills and technique work are integrated into the workouts.

Swim attendance. Beginning in Bronze through Senior 1, each group has an attendance goal. We realize some swimmer’s participate in other activities and that schedules may not allow the attending practice every day. Below are the recommended attendance for each group.

  • Senior 1 - 5 to 6 days

  • Senior 2 - 4 to 5 days

  • Gold - 3 to 4 days

  • Silver - 2 to 3 days

  • Bronze - 2 days

  • Mini Hawks - 1 to 2 days

Swim meet participation is expected. Meets are a chance to see progress and race against others. A “season” is defined as Short Course Yards (typically September through March) and Long Course Meters (typically April through August).

Promotions between groups may happen at anytime during the year. We have achievement standards that our swimmers work toward and once achieved, they will request an evaluation with their coaches for the next group.