Swim Lessons


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The Lawrence Aquahawks Swim Academy is a summer long lesson program that teaches young children how to keep safe when they are around water. Our program is designed with young children in mind and our first priority with any young person, when they are around water, is to make sure they are safe. We teach kids the basics of swimming, including breathing, floating, kicking, and front crawl. Once they have mastered the basics they will have the option to continue their lessons to learn how to dive, how to swim backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and other skills that will help them if they decide competitive swimming is a sport they want to try.

Each class has four parts to it:

  • Greeting

  • Warm-Up

  • Skill-work

  • Reward.

Our instructors work to ensure each student feels welcome to the class and ready to learn new skills and/or grow current skills. Our levels of classes have multiple skills that need to be mastered prior to graduating to the next level. Our instructors have the capability to teach individual skills to each student in the class – so you might see each student working on different skills. Our reward system at the end of the class is for students that work hard and/or attempt new skills. We have found that this reward-based multi-skill class environment has yielded quicker results than solely focusing on one skill at a time.

Our Core Lesson Program is Weekly Classes

Weekly swim lessons build the foundation for a life-saving & lifelong skill. The more consistently your child swims, the faster and greater the progress. Your swimmer will gain skills and build strength while enjoying their lessons. Skills are learned over time as good habits are created. Aquahawks Swim Academy teaches swimmers the correct techniques to prepare them for the next level.

FAQ on our Weekly Lessons

  • Classes are 30 minutes in length.

  • All lessons are up to 3:1 swimmer/instructor ratio.

  • We encourage swimmers to take a lesson at least twice per week… with more than twice per week to help your child’s progression.

  • When you are ready to start lessons with the Aquahawks, go to https://www.teamunify.com/team/mvsla/page/lesson-registration

  • Questions on which class, program, or group – come in for an FREE evaluation.

Why Choose the Aquahawks Swim Academy?

  • We create a fun yet challenging environment for the swimmers to learn in.

  • Trained instructors… this is what we do year round.

  • Each class has multiple skills being taught… giving the swimmers a chance to progress in more than one skill.

  • 3:1 ratio… having small classes allows for more instruction per swimmer.

To enroll in the Lawrence Aquahawk Swim Academy please visit: